Judit Gellérd, MD

Boston University, School of Theology

146 Commonwealth Ave

Boston, MA 02116

617 - 536 5576

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MTS    Boston University School of Theology, Theology-Ethics, 2002 January [with professional focus on Medical Ethics, Bioethics, and aspects of healing and brain functions]

  Boston Theological Institute Certificate in Science and Religion: Religion and Bioethics, 2001 (courses taken at Boston University and Harvard)

MD      Medical University of Tirgu Mures, Romania, 1973

        Specialization in Psychiatry, Budapest, Hungary, 1986

        Specialization in Neurology, Budapest, Hungary, 1981

BA.      Music Conservatory of Tirgu Mures, Romania, violin, 1967

      * all with summa cum laude or equivalent.




1.  Medicine


Practiced Internal Medicine in Romania, 1973-1978 as intern and assistant professor

Practiced Neurology and Psychiatry in clinics of Budapest, Hungary, 1978-1987

Subspecialties:  EEG, Clinical Pharmacology                      

Highest professional rank: adjunct professor

Participated in local and international neurological conferences, presenting papers on clinical research of brain tumors.


2.  Religion


Co-Director of the Center for Free Religion in Chico, CA., 1988-present. As a full-time volunteer, single-handedly organized the Partner Church Program, a nationwide movement among US and Canadian Unitarian Universalist churches to support minority people in Transylvania (Romania) and in Hungary.  Since 1988 she has been working with 400 churches in the US and Eastern Europe.  Today the program is officially recognized as “the largest and most significant Unitarian Universalist grassroots movement of the twentieth century.”

General Secretary and founder of the Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council, 1993-2000; Honorary President of the same organization since 2000.


3. Professional Writer and Translator


Under the guidance of Prof. Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, currently writing a book of testimony about communist persecution in Eastern Europe

Published several articles in Hungarian literary journals

Translation of English-Hungarian-Romanian materials, both scholarly and professional





Hungarian--mother tongue





Russian--eight years of compulsory study under communism




Honorary Doctorate (Litterarum Humanorum Doctor) from Starr King School for the Ministry, Berkeley, CA, 1995

Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council Distinguished Service Award, 1999

Unitarian Universalist Association Funding Program awarded eight grants toward publications, video-film production, and rare manuscript preservation projects

Ranked first in medical school’s graduating class in Romania, won numerous national professional competitions and subsequent clinical practice privileges         




Organized and lead the Partner Church Council for twelve years, designed and guided dozens of educational, economical revitalization, and psychotherapy programs for minority churches in Transylvania

Presented programs in more than 60 Unitarian churches of the United States and England.

Regular speaker in Unitarian Universalist General Assemblies, district conferences, fundraising events, as well as at IARF (International Association for Religious Freedom) World Congresses

Academic lectures and presentations on Transylvanian Unitarian history and theology:

- Meadville Lombard Unitarian Theological School, Chicago, IL, 1992

- Starr King School for the Ministry, Berkeley, CA, 1996

- Andover Newton Theological School, Boston, MA, 1999

Guest lecturer at Harvard Divinity School on Nepal’s Kumari cult and animal sacrifice, 2001 (joint research project with my husband)

Team-teaching and interpreting my husband, Prof. George M. Williams, during 1992 and 1993 fall semesters, a model course in the academic study of religion at József Attila University of Szeged, Hungary and University of Pecs, Hungary.  According to the American Academy of Religion, this may have been the first non-confessional or non-ideological course in an Eastern European university

Conducted “spiritual renewal” workshops in Transylvania after the breakup of communism using my skills as a psychiatrist.

Presented paper at international “Gyorgy Enyedi” conference, Kolozsvár, Romania, 1997

As a classical violinist, gave numerous mini-recitals in the US and Japan; with her Medical Orchestra of Budapest, she played numerous concerts all over Europe; she has been a member of several prestigious choirs of Budapest, Chico, Ca, and Boston, touring in Europe and in the US.






A History of Transylvanian Unitarianism Through Four Centuries of Sermons by Imre Gellerd (Chico, CA: Uniquest, 1999).  Translated by Judit Gellerd.  (Also on CD-ROM).

 The Transylvanian Unitarian Church.  A Chronological History and Other Essays, by Janos Erdo.  Judit Gellerd translator.  (Chico, CA: Center for Free Religion, 1991)

 Truth Liberates You: The Message of Transylvania’s First Unitarian Bishop, Francis David, by Imre Gellerd.  Judit Gellerd translator.  (Chico, CA: Center for Free Religion, 1991)

 A Burning Kiss from God to Preach Truth: Four Centuries of Transylvanian Unitarian Preaching, by Imre Gellerd.  Judit Gellerd trans. and ed. (Chico, CA: Center for Free Religion, 1991)


Edited volumes:

Ending the Storm: UU Sermons on Transylvania, Judit Gellerd, ed. (Chico, CA: Uniquest, 1996)

Guidebook for Unitarian Universalist Partner Churches, Judit Gellerd, ed. (Chico, CA: Uniquest, 1995)

In Storm, even Trees Lean on Each Other: UU Sermons, Judit Gellerd, ed. (Chico, CA: Uniquest, 1994)

Essays on Practical Theology, by Imre Gellerd, Judit Gellerd ed. in Hungarian. (Chico, CA: Center for Free Religion, 1993)

Sermons by Imre Gellerd, Judit Gellerd ed. in Hungarian. ((Chico, CA: Center for Free Religion, 1992)

Unitarianism in Hungary in the Nineteenth and twentieth Centuries, by Jozsef Ferencz.  Judit Gellerd ed. (Chico, CA: Center for Free Religion, 1991)


Articles Published or in Press (selective):


"Religiosity and Health in Community Dwelling Elderly: Possible Role of the Frontal Lobes in Mediating Effects of Religiosity on Health" by Patrick McNamara, Jensine Andresen, Judit Gellérd, (in press in Journal of Gerontology).

 “Mystical Experience and the Language of Paradox: A Neuropsychological Correlation” [sole authorship] accepted for publication in Faith and Science Exchange Journal, 2002

 “History as Treason: Part II, The Transylvanian Connection,” in Regaining Historical Consciousness: Proceedings of Earl Morse Wilbur History Colloquium, edited by Warren R. Ross (Berkeley, CA.: Starr King School for the Ministry, 1994).

 “Level a vilag tetejerol: Nepali utijegyzetek”  Muvelodes (Kolozsvar, Romania, 1996)

 Monthly columnist of Aesculap, Medical School Journal, Tirgu Mures, Romania (1968-72)

 Quarterly columnist of Unitarian Universalist Partner Church News (1993-2000)


Graduation from Boston University School of Theology:

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