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Who we are?

Books published

Julianus-díj  Dr. Gellérd  Juditnak  

Evangelism  by Dr. Judit Gellérd

Publications by Center for Free Religions

Treason or History  by Prof. George M. Williams

Partner Church Guidebook by Dr.Judit Gellérd  .pdf format

History   as    Treason    by    Prof.  George   Williams   and Dr.Judit Gellérd

Dr. Gellérd Imre: Truth Liberates You...(zip compressed)


Rev. Imre Gellérd

Dr. Gellérd Imre

Dr. Gellérd Imre: A Burning Kiss from God to Preach Truth:  Four Centuries of Transylvanian Unitarian Preaching

Dr. Judit Gellérd

Dr. Gellérd Judit  életrajz  és   egy beszélgetés

Ferencz József: Hungarian Unitarianism in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries...  Table of Content

Prof. George M. Williams 

George M. Williams életrajz   és  egy beszélgetés

Dr. Erdő János: Transylvanian Unitarian Church... ( 69KB)

  Dr. Gellérd Judit régebbi nyilatkozata életéröl.

Early Transylvanian Antitrinitarianism (From Servet to Palaeologus) by Prof. Mihaly Balázs of Szeged University, Hungary     -  Table of Content -

Hungarian food recepies

Articles published, and papers presented at Boston University School of Theology

Francis Dávid's Epistemological Borrowings from Henry Cornelius Agrippa of Nettesheim   by Dr. Judit Gellérd

Mystical Experience and the Language of Paradox A Neuropsychological Correlationby Dr. Judit Gellérd

My Father’s Silenceby Dr. Judit Gellérd

Religion and Bioethics-Medical Ethics by Dr. Judit Gellérd

Communing Musically:  The    Aesthetic-Erotic-Communion   Aspects   of a  String Quartet
by Dr. Judit Gellérd

Spiritual Jews of Szekler Jerusalem A Four-Centuries History of Transylvanian Szekler (Székely) Sabbatarianism , by Dr. Judit Gellérd

A Satire on the Theme of Freedom by Dr. Judit Gellérd

“A Burning Kiss From God” - Theological Construction by Dr. Judit Gellérd

Elie Wiesel in Transylvania by Dr. Judit Gellerd

Changes and Consequences by Dr. Judit Gellerd

Sermon collections:

Gellérd Imre beszédek:

Dr. Judit  Gellérd:   IN     STORM,   EVEN   TREES   LEAN    ON   EACH   OTHER    and    ENDING    THE   STORM (sermons in zip file) Dr. Imre Gellérd: Beszédek (Sermons in Hungarian / zip format)
Sermons preached by  Dr. Judit Gellérd  (in zip file) Dr. Imre Gellérd: Esszék (Essays on Practical Theology in Hungarian)
Sermons in Hungarian / Testvérkapcsolatok alkalmával elhangzott beszédek   (zip formában)

Send Your Message With the Rays of the Sun (written in 1992)        By Dr. Judit Gellerd

Essays by Dr. Judit Gellérd and Dr. Imre Gellérd

Building a Global Village, by Dr. Judit Gellérd

The meaning of communion, by Dr. Imre Gellérd

At the Earl Morse Wilbur History Colloquium: Unitarians in Transylvania, by Dr. Judit Gellérd

Principles of Survival of Unitarianism in György Enyedi's Sermons by Dr. Imre Gellérd and Dr. Judit Gellérd

Four Centuries of Struggle for Tolerance and Human Rights Reflected in Transylvanian Unitarian Sermons, by Dr. Judit Gellérd

Az unitarizmus megmaradásának és védelmének elvei Enyedi György predikációiban, írta Dr. Gellérd Imre  és Dr. Gellérd Judit

Principles for Survival of Unitarianism in György Enyedi’s Sermons, by Dr. Imre Gellérd and Dr. Judit Gellérd

2002. Budapest

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