This project is funded in part by the Fund for Unitarian Universalism.

Thanks must be expressed to all Unitarian Universalist ministers and laity who through many inspiring ways and mobilizing means, have served the cause of saving Transylvanian Unitarianism.  Special thanks to those who contributed their articles and sermons to this volume.


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General Editor:  Prof. George M. Williams

Translator from Hungarian:  Dr. Judit Gellérd


Imre Gellérd, Truth Liberates You: The Message of    Transylvania’s First Unitarian Bishop, Francis Dávid*

Imre Gellérd, A Burning Kiss from God to Preach Truth:

            Four Centuries of Transylvanian Unitarian Preaching*

János Erdö, The Transylvanian Unitarian Church. A       Chronological History and Other Essays*

József Ferencz, Unitarianism in Hungary in the Nineteenth

            and Twentieth Centuries*

Imre Gellérd, Beszédek (Sermons, Hungarian)

Imre Gellérd, Esszék (Essays on Practical Theology,        Hungarian)*

Judit Gellérd, Save Transylvania: Guidebook for UU Partner     Churches, 1992*

Judit Gellérd (editor), In Storm, Even Trees Lean on Each            Other.  UU Sermons on Transylvania*

Judit Gellérd (editor), Ending the Storm, UU Sermons   on Transylvania, vol. II.

                                                            *Out of Print


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